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Fast Turnround

Ensuring that your order is completed and shipped you as quickly as possible,

So you can do promotion in time.

Small batch

Small batch production allows start-ups have less finacial pressure

at the beginning

Ethical Production

You can confident that your shoes are produced in an ethical and

environmentally responsible manner.



We pride ourselves on being a cohesive team.Fostering a collaborative work environment that unites craftsmen, designers, technicians, and consultants all under one roof. Our dedicated shoe manufacturing team deeply understands the significance of producing footwear that upholds the utmost standards of craftsmanship and durability.

With meticulous attention to detail, our team ensures that each pair of shoes undergoes rigorous quality checks at every stage of manufacturing. From selecting the finest materials to implementing strict quality control protocols, our primary focus is on delivering footwear that surpasses expectations.

kingdi shoes factory


At the core of our mission is a commitment to prioritizing quality and crafting comfortable shoes.


At Kingdi Shoes,we believe that the success of a business is closely linked to the prosperity of society. Therefore, we are committed to actively fulfilling our social responsibility and making contributions to society in the following ways:

Environmental Protection

We take a series of environmental measures to reduce our impact on the environment. We optimize our production processes to minimize energy consumption and waste emissions,and actively promote the use of sustainable materials.

Labor Rights

We uphold the core values of labor rights and strive to provide a safe and healthy working environment. We comply with relevant labor laws and regulations to ensure that our employees receive fair compensation, reasonable working hours, and welfare benefits.

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